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Since I’m about to turn, uh…23 in a moment’s time, I’ve taken to brainstorming how I want to spend my birthday, or well, celebrate my birthday post-LSAT (Dec 5).  Google didn’t quite give me a definitive answer, but it did show me this:

1. Buy someone else a present, preferably the person who makes you most happy to be alive.

2. Eat cake if you’re under 18 or over 75.
If you’re in between, these are your years of discipline and clarity. Look at that pretty mass of sludge and goo for what it is.

3. Ask yourself where you came from and where you’re going. If the answer is, “I don’t know,” spoken with marvel and wonder, you’re on the right track.

4. Thank your mother. Chances are the occasion you’re celebrating was a pretty arduous day for her.

5. Be a child. Hang balloons outside your door. Announce to random strangers that it’s your birthday. Okay, even eat the artery clogging, blood sugar elevating, thigh thickening cake if you have to. And if there aren’t any random strangers around, announce it on your blog: Hey, it’s my birthday! Aren’t I cool?

(via @simply wait)

Those are some pretty good suggestions for introspection, but as for an actual cele-bration, I’m thinking laser tag?  If you’ve got any better ideas, I’d love to hear em!

Not only am I directing, producing and doing all the voices for a new live-action cat comedy, I’m also working with NASA on a new fuel cell for the next shuttle.

TIFFANI THIESSEN, actress, on why she is too busy to participate in Jimmy Fallon’s attempted Saved by the Bell reunion

I don’t know whether she is joking about the cat comedy or the fuel cell.

The .swf or flash game wouldn’t load here, so just click on the link below to play!

Play the full size version on

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As much as I adore Louis Vuitton, I also believe that everyone needs
a little Marc in their lives.  Being a bit edgier than my usual style, the Marc Jacobs or Marc by
Marc Jacobs (MbMJ) handbag lines are a hit or miss with me, (usually a

One of the few hits, was the Dr. Q Groovee Satchel, and to a lesser extent, the Dr. Q Hillier Hobo.  Earlier this summer, I absolutely lusted after the Dr. Q Groovee (black or saddle with gold hardware, Mmmm!)  But its unavailability in stores, skyrocketing prices on EvilBay, and not so appealing IRL photos convinced me otherwise.

Fast forward a few months, add in a nice cashback promotion through Microsoft's, and my interested in the MbMJ Dr. Q range is rekindled.  While procrastinating the morning of my midterms, a Dr. Q Hillier Hobo in black with gold hardware sucked me in.  I rationalized for 15 minutes that I didn't have a black bag besides me huuuge wannabe Via Spiga tote from Target, so I was hooked and clicked to buy.  She landed on my doorstep within three days.

While waiting for her,  I was weary that the larger size (Dr. Q Hillier Huge Hobo) might be a better choice, but upon arrival, she quickly assured me I made the right choice.  I carried her to a sleepover with my pledge brothers (I'm in a co-ed frat), and she was quickly seized and gushed over.  You just can't resist that supple pebbled leather and huge gold MbMJ tag…^.^

Of course, I took pictures for the MbMJ connoisseurs @ The Purse Forum, so enjoy.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Designers to Watch: Joanne Cordero Reyes — The Cut: New York Magazine’s Fashion Blog

This may be Joanne Cordero’s first time at Fashion Week under her own label, Vicente Villarin, but the designer is no novice. She cut her teeth at Reem Acra and J. Mendel, making eveningwear for celebs. And this season she’s showing at Bumble and bumble, home of the next big thing (Alexander Wang, Sari Gueron, and Bruce all showed there a year ago). Reyes’s training with red-carpet designers is readily apparent in the clean, long lines of her gowns. But Reyes adds her own edge to the usual feminine piece. Her pencil skirt is done up in faux-alligator for a tougher, sexier look. Her take on the little white dress involves tulle and a shorter-than-short hemline. And her outerwear borders on architectural, rivaling Jil Sander. She may have learned to dress celebs, but only the truly style savvy (read: not governed by a stylist) will slip into these clothes.

See the slideshow.

Article via The Cut, Image via red carpet.


M: I recently read about her in last month’s issue of Elle, who devoted half a page to this up-and-coming designer. “Named after her grandfather, the Vicent Villarin brand represents Sophistication, Confidence, Elegance, Individuality and Modernity; women that want to feel pretty and elegant yet modern and sexy.” [via Asiance Magazine] I’m really liking her old-world/fantasy feminine designs. My favorites are the article’s mentioned faux-alligator skirt and the grey evening gown.

Labor Day weekend has been full of shopping! Book buying [ughhh], outlet shopping via San Marcos [Victoria’s Secret $7.99 bras = OMG!], and online shopping [books and now Threadless shirts].

At the moment, I’m most excited about My First Threadless Order from their Back to School sale. Since my CC’s been taking a serious beating lately [including being accused of Fraud], I had to choose wisely. After some serious thinking (i.e. waiting for the initial “gottahavethisnow” reaction to subside), I chose:

The title could be a reference to Interpol’s first album, “Turn On The Bright Lights”. Check out the lyrics for Track 3, NYC.

Although I’m trying to stray away from buying shirts that have slogans, I liked the creative typography in the design, and the idea behind it.
To quote berrynoir from a post on this design:

It’s about everything the designer feels is good in life. The background is a composite illustration of everything he enjoys.

My favorite out of the bunch; makes me “LAWL” [—> Judy]. This reminds me of a personal experience earlier this year, when during a playground clean-up, Randy tried this exact thing and almost got stuck. Ah, good times, good times.

I thought I could swear off buying no more Coach bags to save up for some Louis, but that was before I tried on the Hamptons Large Leather Hobo. A great bag for Fall or anytime you need a big, slouchy bag; the Brass/Mahogany combo is so much richer and better-looking IRL. The pebbled leather is supple and smooth, the wide strap is comfortable, and it’s understated – a great everyday bag.

Coach Hamptons Large Leather Hobo in Brass/Mahogany. Stock photo from

Modeling pictures for lvuittonaddict @ tPF. Please excuse the outfit: I don’t believe in dressing “up” for school; that’s actually pretty much as dressed up [for school] as I get. See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Finally caved and connected internet at my apartment.  Catching up on the blogosphere right now.  This is bad.  Very bad.

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My boss was cracking up over some text on his computer screen, gleefully telling me how “someone translated the book of Genesis, from The Bible, into LOLCats!” He had to repeat that statement a couple of times for me to grasp what he was saying, but I still didn’t get it.

Back in my own cubicle, I googled “lolcats” and learned about their mysterious origin:
Behold, the History of LOLCats

The now infamous Happycat, piece de resistance of LOLCats
from the mothership of LOLCats, I Can Has Cheezburger.

Quite possibly my favorite is I Iz Catamari.
more cat pictures

If you still need some convincing, read Michael Agger’s Why you cannot resist LOLCats.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how to properly “speak” LOLCats, here is a translator.