My First Threadless Order


Labor Day weekend has been full of shopping! Book buying [ughhh], outlet shopping via San Marcos [Victoria’s Secret $7.99 bras = OMG!], and online shopping [books and now Threadless shirts].

At the moment, I’m most excited about My First Threadless Order from their Back to School sale. Since my CC’s been taking a serious beating lately [including being accused of Fraud], I had to choose wisely. After some serious thinking (i.e. waiting for the initial “gottahavethisnow” reaction to subside), I chose:

The title could be a reference to Interpol’s first album, “Turn On The Bright Lights”. Check out the lyrics for Track 3, NYC.

Although I’m trying to stray away from buying shirts that have slogans, I liked the creative typography in the design, and the idea behind it.
To quote berrynoir from a post on this design:

It’s about everything the designer feels is good in life. The background is a composite illustration of everything he enjoys.

My favorite out of the bunch; makes me “LAWL” [—> Judy]. This reminds me of a personal experience earlier this year, when during a playground clean-up, Randy tried this exact thing and almost got stuck. Ah, good times, good times.


2 Responses to “My First Threadless Order”

  1. How much did you spend in total at Threadless?

  2. 3 Shirts x $9 each = $27; shipping was about $6.99 or so? So about $34 in all. Not a bad deal for Threadless shirts, I say!

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