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The .swf or flash game wouldn’t load here, so just click on the link below to play! Play the full size version on Posted by email from posterous Advertisements



My boss was cracking up over some text on his computer screen, gleefully telling me how “someone translated the book of Genesis, from The Bible, into LOLCats!” He had to repeat that statement a couple of times for me to grasp what he was saying, but I still didn’t get it. Back in my own […]

Paris Hilton's witty response to being featured in McCain's latest Obama attack ad. For the record, she didn't come up with the idea or write it; it is the brainchild of an Adam McKay and Chris Henchy. Sources:  Times Online, Funny or Die Posted by email from makes me wonder (posterous) EDIT: For some reason, […]

Another YouTube find, a bit long, but HI-larious – makes me really want to watch Pussycat Dolls Presents: The Search For The Next Doll! [EDIT] I found the episodes on YouTube (chopped up into parts, but still worth watching until I can find it in better quality), and they are so funny! There’s drama from […]

One of my medium-annoyance pet peeves is the jerk with a Bluetooth headset in his/her ear, standing next to me in the __________ (ex. store, elevator, etc) OR the people who just leave it in their ear everywhere they go, like they’re some big business executive, when really, they’re a skinny kid gossiping about who-dated-who-last-week. […]

Even though the Democratic Primary isn’t until January 14, 2008, someone hasn’t wasted any time creating an attack ad based on the now infamous “1984” commercial. Instead of Big Brother, it’s New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose image is defiantly shattered by the same blond female athlete — except she’s got a 2007 update: […]