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Paris Hilton's witty response to being featured in McCain's latest Obama attack ad. For the record, she didn't come up with the idea or write it; it is the brainchild of an Adam McKay and Chris Henchy. Sources:  Times Online, Funny or Die Posted by email from makes me wonder (posterous) EDIT: For some reason, […]

“Philip de Vellis, the author of the anti-Hilary Clinton viral video was outed yesterday on the Huffington Post. The company he worked for, Blue State Digital — a Democratic Internet strategy company that does work for Barack Obama — has now fired him as a result. Said Vellis: ‘I made the “Vote Different” ad because […]

Even though the Democratic Primary isn’t until January 14, 2008, someone hasn’t wasted any time creating an attack ad based on the now infamous “1984” commercial. Instead of Big Brother, it’s New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose image is defiantly shattered by the same blond female athlete — except she’s got a 2007 update: […]